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        Magforms Technology Co., Ltd

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        Mrs. Peggy Liu

        Address: Building C, Huanzhou North Road, Tanzhou Town

        About Us

        We were the first company which developped SLA materials in the mainland of China from 2009. As time passby, we have become the biggest SLA resin provider for the domestic market nowadays. From the year of 2015, we began to sell our products to oversea countries and won a very good reputation. In the year of 2017, we started to develop our brand of industrial 3D printer, we believe that if we want to get a better performance of our resin, we need to know the printer more and it would be great if the printer is 100% compatible with the resin. As a leading high-tech enterprise, we developed our own printing software which specifically match... [Click for detail]

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        Magforms Technology Co., Ltd
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          Mrs. Peggy Liu

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