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        Thase Enterprise Co., Ltd

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        Ms. CHAO

        Address: NO. 33, CHEXIN ROAD, San Chih District

        About Us

        Thase Enterprise Co. is a door hardware manufacturer located in Taipei, Taiwan. We design and manufacture door hardware products for the commercial, industrial and institutional building construction industry. Our product lines include Panic/Fire Exit Devices, Deadbolt locks, Mortise locks, Automatic flush bolts and Door Coordinators. At present, 35% of our products are exported to Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, 40% to North America and 25% to our local market. We are recognized as one of the leading builders hardware suppliers in Taiwan and always commit to providing high quality products for international buyers. With... [Click for detail]

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        Thase Enterprise Co., Ltd
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          Ms. CHAO

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