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        Secukey Technology Co., Ltd

        Contact Info

        Ms. Gladys Su

        Address: Floor 5, Building 13, Longbi Industrial Park, Dafa Road, Bantian Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

        About Us

        Secukey Technology Co., Limited was founded as an access control manufacturer in 2013, with an innovative and experienced R&D team. Secukey offers a full range of access control solutions perfect for any security application. All of Secukey’s products have been explicitly designed for ease-of-installation, simplicity-of-use and unrivaled quality. We are a young team who always has the passion towards life, of course, we will always be patient and professional towards our clients. We realize that innovation is very critical to make us outstanding, and experiences guarantee the stable quality products and excellent technical supports after s... [Click for detail]

        Contact Info

        Secukey Technology Co., Ltd
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          Ms. Gladys Su

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