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        Liyang Neeoon Filter Co.,Ltd.

        Contact Info

        Mr. Ming Ni

        Address: No. 1069 Pingling West Road

        About Us

        Liyang Neeoon Filter Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who is specialized in filter equipments. We have the departments of R&D, production and sales to provide one-stop service to clients. Our products ranges include: cartridge filter housing, bag filter housing, high flow cartridge filter housing, multi media filter housing, and titanium filter housing, which can be widely used in industries such as water treatment system, bio-pharmaceuticals, food&beverage, textile-dyeing, petrochemical, oil&paints, electronic, thermal power, water recycling, sea water desalination and swimming pool etc. We always adhere to "innovation, responsibil... [Click for detail]

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        Liyang Neeoon Filter Co.,Ltd.
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          Mr. Ming Ni

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