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        Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co., Ltd.

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        Mrs. Maggie Kuang

        Address: No. 101, Building 7, Shaer Industrial Area, Kengkou Road, Shiqiao Town, Panyu District

        About Us

        Our factory has been established in May 2002 and located in Panyu Guangzhou, which is the the largest jewelry export and processing center in China. Started from the maintenance of imported casting devices and the sales of domestic casting equipment, we have cooperated with a number of jewelry factories. We have gradually switched from not only maintenance service but also equipment upgrading and improving service, to stabilize equipment operation with humanity improvement, which greatly reduce the labor force and eventually satisfy the users. With the continuous refinement requirement of jewelry processing and the change in the serious s... [Click for detail]

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        Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co., Ltd.
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          Mrs. Maggie Kuang

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