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        Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.

        Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.

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        Mr. Clint Chai

        Address: No. 16-1, Shui-Liu-Niang, Shui-Yuan Village, Miaoli County 36059, Taiwan.
        Tel: 886-37-220***
        Fax: 886-37-226***

        About Us

        Noveltek is a leading company of manufacturing electric powered material handling equipment in Taiwan. Noveltek produce all series electric forklift, power pallet truck, power stacker, counterbalance reach truck, lift table, semi-power stacker and hand pallet truck, pallet jack. Noveltek can produce as per customers' special specifications. Noveltek is a well-known and proven product. Noveltek have exported to 38 countries for 30 years. Customer trust our product Quality, you can be happy using it, too. Noveltek is your best choice. [Click for detail]

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        Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.

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