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        Home > Trade Leads > Tools, Measurement & Analysis Instruments > Test Equipments > Test Equipments/n.e.s. > Sell > Bite Test Clamp RS-S01

        Bite Test Clamp RS-S01

        Post Date:

        2020/05/07 11:03:33

        Expired Date:

        2020/08/05 23:59:59

        Trade Leads Category:

        Test Equipments/n.e.s.

        Company Info

        Runsun Co., Ltd
        Contact Person: Mary Li
        Address: B-B1100,Minghe Electronic Square,Changan Town
        City: DONGGUAN
        State/Province: GUANGDONG
        Country/Region: China (mainland)


        Simulates a child biting the accessible area of toys. The part of the toy being tested is placed in a bite test clamp and a specified force is applied for a specified period. Then the toy is tested to ascertain whether or not any hazards result from the bite test such as sharp points/ sharp edges / small parts.

        Standard: ASTM F963, 16CFR 1500.52C, U. S. CPSC Washington DC 20207

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