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        ttnet.net Responsive Web Design:
        • The website concept is to help suppliers to make website Traffic and marketing. ttnet.net will in user’s shoe to think highly of using website experience.
        • Create a professional website that website information and design to look after both sides of shows information and Information communication.
        • Website traffic and conversion rate are the metric of website value.
        • Emphasize to the friendly of search engine and the using website experience.
        • Emphasize to the convenience of operation and the efficiency of Information communication.
        • Function elasticity and growth is high.
        A Normal Website:
        • The website concept is Multi-Platform and website design.
        • It is known as Multi-Platform website.
        • Website design is the metric of website value.
        • The friendly of search engine and the using website experience is low. It focus on customer communication.
        • Not emphasize to the convenience of operation and the efficiency of Information communication.
        • One-time fee function and expandability is low.
        • Over than 80 inquiries for 3 months.
        • 359 keywords search on Google first search page.
        • Over than 100 inquiries for 3 months.
        • One-time create will respond to computer, mobile phone, and table.
        • One-time edit will set the website SEO, support to display on Social Media, and improve the visibility of the search.
        • One step to import product information from official website and get double- platform exposure.
        • One new user without programming can make an amazing website.
        • One language can translate into multi-languages that including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Dutch.
        • Cloud computing global layout and Hundreds of people development team has 30 years experience provides stable and security system with unique URL and mailbox. Professional.
        • Unique teacher resource provides create website skills and marketing knowledge that becomes your best support to manage company website.
        • Humanitarian operate without programming and what you see is what you get makes easier to edit.